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Community Stories

As part of the Touchstones and I CAN WE CAN community, we encourage you to reflect, celebrate and seek support as you move along in your journey. We would love for you to stay in touch and tell us your story. We welcome any and all thoughts. Sharing your story, no matter how small or big, can provide ideas and inspiration for you as well as others in our community.

Share your SToRY



LA Mayor Villaraigosa Joins I CAN WE CAN

At A Window Between Worlds’ first annual heART gala held on October 6, 2012 at the beautiful Lexus Santa Monica, we honored Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa with the first ever heART Award for coming forward as a childhood domestic violence survivor and for his unwavering commitment to ending this silent epidemic in our communities. While accepting his award the Mayor shared with us, “As someone who’s experienced domestic violence firsthand, I’m profoundly mov... more →

Shattered Glass Joins I CAN WE CAN

As part of AWBW's I CAN WE CAN project, Shattered Glass producers created a short video to highlight the process for survivors releasing painful trauma and remembering their powerful I CAN affirmations for life. The video stars Mother's Day Radio Director and author/poet/activist, Shaunelle Curry who is on AWBW's Advisory Board, and signer/songwriter Kelley Nicole. Both attended the opening ceremony of I CAN: Requiem for I Can't held at SPARC on March 31st, 2012 and were inspired to create... more →

Nina Jun Joins I CAN WE CAN

I was thrilled when I was first introduced to the I CAN community engagement project because it involves survivors of domestic violence who share their experiences, statements and stories. When I began to learn about the A Window Between Worlds art workshop the project is based on, "Funeral of I Can’ts," I immediately thought about the dome or mound structure that reoccurs in my personal artwork. I see the dome shape as having contradictory meanings: death and rebirth, the inevitable... more →

Barbara T. Smith Joins I CAN WE CAN

It was a great honor and wonderful experience working on the I CAN project for A Window Between Worlds with Nina Jun and Cathy Salser. I have witnessed firsthand the work that A Window Between Worlds does, having been teamed with their incredible staff and volunteers. It is wonderful how they all work together with the greatest of joy and affirmative energy. It is truly inspiring. This collaboration has been extremely significant to me. This work comes from trauma – something art... more →

AWBW Founder Cathy Salser

When I began this work in 1991, I thought it would be just one summer’s journey. I loaded my trunk full of art supplies and set out, going from shelter to shelter, hoping to share art in a way that might make a difference. I grew up painfully shy and in the face of domestic violence art was my safe haven – and my voice. What I saw that first summer, and what’s made A Window Between Worlds grow, is the confirmation that even a single art session can change someone’s ... more →

South Gate Police Department

South Gate was the first police agency to operate a domestic violence counseling and resource program in our area, a privilege we did not take lightly. When I took charge of the program I was eager to help participants move forward in their lives by giving them the "tools" to become self reliant, self-supportive, and free of their abusive situation. I quickly realized that workshops related to job search training and legal advice, while important, alone could not meet the needs of the pa... more →

I CAN Forgive You, Mom

"I can forgive you, I can love you, I can give you a second chance, I can have compassion for you, I can forgive you, Mom!" My mom suffered a childhood of abuse. Although my mom never hit me, she was verbally harsh and threatening. I felt as if I was living on the edge as a child. When I was 14 my mom gave up on life – we lost our home, our car, our dignity, and our mother-daughter relationship. I was left to take care of myself and was surrounded by drugs, alcohol, violence, and ... more →

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