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Partner Spotlight: Rainbow Services

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Elizabeth Eastlund and Los Angeles City Councilman Joe Buscaino at I CAN WE CAN I AM art exhibition

Thanks to a generous grant from the JIB Fund Community Building Initiative, we were able to collaborate with our long-time shelter partner, Rainbow Services, to develop I CAN WE CAN as a community engagement resource for the domestic violence and sexual assault movements. Elizabeth Eastlund, Rainbow's Director of Programs, shares:

"The most rewarding part of I CAN WE CAN was reaching out to the community and involving more people in the movement to end violence and abuse. This socially engaged art project helped to build capacity at Rainbow Services and allowed us to use art to reach communities beyond the shelter setting. We collaborated with community members and artists to assist us in creating the various outreach and awareness-raising events, such as the I CAN WE CAN I AM art exhibition.

"Through I CAN WE CAN, we continued to engage our shelter participants and were able to involve our staff in a more meaningful way. It was not just about teaching them how to do the workshop, but having them engage in their own process was beneficial.

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I CAN WE CAN projection, by Louder Than Words, during San Pedro ArtWalk

"The conversations in the San Pedro community prior to, and during Domestic Violence Awareness Month, raised awareness about how everyone has their own story and has been touched by family violence. We reached community members who did not initially identify as being part of an anti-violence movement and helped them see how they, too, can be agents of change. Empowering men in our community as leaders in ending violence was also impactful and rewarding. 

"Additionally, this project helped build our capacity to use social media to engage our community meaningfully in the issue of DV/SA. Through ICWC, we created 32 posts on faceBook with 9600 views! It was a great way to create interest in the project and as a result, we are using social media even more.

"Being a part of the ICWC collaborative was amazing and we were honored to be one of the three partnering agencies. We are very interested in keeping the momentum of the project going in the future and will be supportive in the annual campaign."

Here is a select group of Rainbow's I CAN WE CAN hands and stories:

I CAN Empower by Elizabeth Eastlund

My journey with the I CAN WE CAN movement began during the I CAN: Requiem For I Can’t exhibit. I attended a community workshop at Windows and was surprised and inspired by the process of shredding all of my “I Cant’s.” I was surprised by the number of “I can’t” messages I had been holding onto and inspired by the activity of shredding them and letting go...

Grow Strong by Ben Schirmer

As the Executive Director for a nonprofit focused solely on ending domestic violence, I have committed my professional career to this work. I am fortunate enough to work for an agency that closely collaborates with A Window Between Worlds. The I CAN movement inspired me to think about how each of us can play a role in ending domestic violence...

Hugs Heal Hurt by Marci Fukuroda

I became involved with the I CAN movement because the agency I work for encouraged staff to support the movement by painting our hands. I am an attorney and I typically shy away from participating in projects that make me get in touch with my emotions. However, I found I CAN to be so compelling that I didn’t stop at one hand – I painted two...

Passion by Anna Sanchez

There is a passion that burns inside of me to make sure that I CAN continue to educate and teach people, especially children, about their feelings, the values and beliefs they hold close to them and most importantly how they can stop violence around them! The more we talk about it, the more people hear about it, the more aware they become! And they too CAN become part of...

I CAN Be the Change by JGO Pencil

I chose my I CAN because I feel as though each one of us can be that change to end abuse. Breaking out of stereotypes, breaking through cycles, making a positive change to help ourselves and others. I was introduced to the project and guided through the creation process. It felt different thinking of using my hand as a canvas. I even doubted myself on how it would turn out...

Rainbow Services I AM Logo by Tom Berg Pencil

I was asked to be a part of the I CAN WE CAN movement by Elizabeth from Rainbow Services. I have a different perspective to offer as I am not an abusive man. I went through a process of not understanding what I have to offer as part of the movement to understanding that I can use my artwork to to send a message, inspire change or speak to the issue of domestic violence...

I CAN Break the Cycle by Victor Soriano Pencil

I got involved with supporting Rainbow Services a few years ago, it started with donating gifts for teenagers at SoCal Tattoo during the holidays. I was asked to be a part of the I CAN WE CAN I AM movement to photograph painted hands for Rainbow’s Art Exhibit. What keeps me involved is knowing that one day domestic violence and abuse can end...

I CAN Be Super Strong by Sylvia Segura Evans Pencil

I first became involved with the I CAN movement when it was introduced to me by Elizabeth from Rainbow Services at the I CAN Art Exhibit in April. Being the mother of two young girls keeps me involved to show my girls WE CAN be super strong. I continue to live by this when times seem challenging, continuing to be...

Yo Puedo Aceptar Cambios De La Vida / I CAN Accept Life Changes by Christian Banuelos Pencil

I joined the I CAN movement at Rainbow Services I CAN, WE CAN, I AM open house. Creating my I CAN was an emotional experience. As I reflected on what would be my commitment to the I CAN movement, I was reminded of one of my favorite songs...

I AM The Light by Esperanza RomeroPencil

Rainbow, the agency I work with, introduced me to I CAN. I CAN is a powerful way to allow individuals who have experienced violence and/or abuse to freely express themselves. It’s an opportunity for them to leave their legacy. Personally, the movement reminds me that I CAN contribute to the movement to end violence and/or abuse. It reminds me about my desire...

To see all of Rainbow’s artwork and stories, click here.

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