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Neda Moridpour Joins I CAN WE CAN as Lead Artist

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As Rumi says, “The wound is the place where the light enters you.”

As an artist and a survivor of violence and sexual abuse, I am thrilled and honored to collaborate on the I CAN WE CAN project, originally created by A Window Between Worlds.

Born and raised in Iran, I developed a strong awareness for gender discrimination, violence, inequality, and censorship in my philosophy. When I moved to the United States in 2009, I encountered cultural and lingual barriers that have injected many socio-political and cultural themes into my creative repertoire. Engaging these conflictive subjects helped me speak through my art, which mostly blooms into sensuality, femininity and the maturation of my spiritual awareness, along with other public shared insights.

At the same time, during my tenure in the Public Practice Masters program at OTIS College of Art and Design I was engaged in a diverse body of work including videos, photographs, performances, and socially engaged art projects on issues of women in Iran, violence, and sexual abuse.

I CAN WE CAN provides the opportunity to combine art and activism and use my artistic skills and methodology to engage the San Pedro community. I approach art as a social and dialogical practice that searches to establish dialogue in galleries and public spaces. My goal is to collaboratively echo survivors’ voices in solidarity with them, raise awareness about violence and sexual abuse, highlight the role of art in the movement against violence, and create an alternative space inside the gallery for critical conversations about this subject.

My subject position is one of facilitator; I vehemently believe that I do not occupy a position of power as an artist and that every voice counts equally in this project. Therefore, I will use the gallery as an intervention and an open space for the community in order to dissolve the boundaries between individual and collective, passive and active, author and viewer, art and life. To achieve this there will be a month long schedule of conversations and workshops both inside and outside of the gallery led by non-artists and non-performers.

As a survivor, artist and a participant of this project I am going through a very reflective process as well. After three years of being far from my family and home country, thanks to the I CAN WE CAN project I finally realized ‘I CAN BE MYSELF.’ Therefore, I am confident this collaboration with the San Pedro community and area shelters will encourage people to find their I CAN and realize that WE CAN end violence in our homes and the broader community. This will be done by connecting the personal to the political, reflecting, speaking out, and demanding to end violence and sexual abuse starting from this very moment.

Join us to help end domestic and sexual violence. Together WE CAN!

Your information will only be used by A Window Between Worlds and will not be shared.

Thank you for joining I CAN WE CAN.

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