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Inspiring Action Near and Far

Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2014



LA City Hall Day of Action &
Dr. Majorie Braude Award

A Window Between Worlds' I CAN WE CAN project was selected  as the theme for the Los Angeles Domestic Violence Task Force Day of Action at LA City Hall on October 10. I CAN hands created by survivors and community advocates filled the rotunda and East Bridge Gallery raising awareness and inspiring action for all attendees.

During the press conference we got to hear from Mayor Eric Garcetti, Police Chief Charlie Beck, local council member Mike Bonin, City Attorney Mike Fuerer, and other city officials, many of whom shared their personal I CAN. We heard that while crime in Los Angeles has decreased overall, domestic violence cases have risen by 18%. They recognize that this issue affects each and every one of us and shared the steps they are taking to address it.

The event closed with an incredible honor for A Window Between Worlds as we were presented with the Dr. Marjorie Braude Award for innovative collaboration in serving victims of domestic violence. As shared by Eve Sheedy, Chair of the LA DV Task Force, "A Window Between Worlds is being recognized for exemplifying innovative collaborations through the I CAN WE CAN art project, which brought a level of partnership and awareness that is unparalleled in Los Angeles today." The Dr. Marjorie Braude award is given in memory of Dr. Braude, the founder of the LA Domestic Violence Task Force and a leader in the field.  
AWBW is deeply honored and shares this award with our entire community of supporters. Our work is such a collaborative effort and we truly could not do it without all of you. THANK YOU! We encourage you to view the entire press conference by clicking on this video link.

Click this link to see the I CAN WE CAN creation made by those who attended the Day of Action.

Premiere Screening - I CAN WE CAN: Films to End Domestic Violence

Thank you to all who joined us at the October 15th premiere screening of I CAN WE CAN: Films to End Domestic Violence on the Harvard-Westlake campus in Studio City. It was a wonderful opportunity to view the 3 films alongside the teen filmmakers who created them and to hear their reflections on what the project meant to them on an artistic and personal level. Click on the links below to view each of the three short films:

The Trauma You Don't See

Sometimes domestic abuse and trauma are right in front of us and we just don’t see it.

Emergency Stop (The Cycle of Violence)

“He hit me and it felt like a kiss” go the lyrics of a song. How do you stop domestic violence when pop music normalizes abuse? How can we stop the seemingly endless cycle of violence?

The Monster Within

Where does domestic violence come from? This animated tale offers insights into the thoughts and choices we can make to end the violence.

I CAN WE CAN & The Long Beach Marathon

AWBW staff and advocates connected with members of the Long Beach community and beyond at the 2014 Long Beach Marathon Health & Fitness Expo. 135 people of all ages created I CAN WE CAN hands to encourage and inspire race participants.

Before the sun came up on Sunday October 12, our team of volunteers set up an "Art Mile" on the marathon course decorating it with beautiful murals, images from I CAN WE CAN, and empowering I CAN hands created by AWBW volunteers. A highlight of the morning was seeing a parent stop and pose next to the I CAN hand her son created. She said it helped keep up her energy! While our volunteer team cheered on nearly 20,000 Full/Half Marathon runners, our amazing team of runners were welcomed to the AWBW booth at the Finish Line Festival which included a drop-in art workshop for marathon supporters to create their I CAN on clay hands. Thanks to all who joined us in saying, WE CAN Run Long Beach!

Click on the following links to see the I CAN WE CAN mandalas created by event attendees:

Marathon Mandala Project #1

Marathon Mandala Project #2



Cal State Northridge Sigma Alpha Zeta DVAM March & Workshop

On October 16th, members of Sigma Alpha Zeta Sorority at California State University, Northridge raised over $600 for AWBW. This was their first-ever march on behalf of Domestic Violence Awareness Month held on campus. Carrying signs with anti-violence messages, students and AWBW staff member Christy Turek marched throughout the campus chanting


Laura Ontiveros, senior public health major and Sigma Alpha Zeta member said "...we want to advocate against domestic violence and let people know to not be afraid to speak up."
Immediately following the march, AWBW facilitated an I CAN WE CAN workshop with 22 students, including members of various CSUN fraternities.
We are very grateful to the students who participated and are already looking forward to next year's I CAN WE CAN event at CSUN!

Click here to see the event attendess with the I CAN WE CAN mandala they created.


The Air Force Reserves Participate in I CAN WE CAN

We are excited to recognize AWBW Adult Program Leader Amy Little who has taken the AWBW program to Grissom Air Reserve Base, where she works as the Sexual Assault Response Coordinator and the Behavioral Health Support Coordinator.

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Amy led the I CAN WE CAN project with 40 participants on base to educate people on how they can take a stand against domestic violence. Amy shared, "Educated individuals become empowered with the belief that they can and will make a difference; ultimately becoming part of a collective movement that does not tolerate abuse. I believe the goal of bringing awareness to issues such as domestic violence is to change the culture from one that looks the other way to one that makes an impact."

One workshop participant shared, "When I heard about the event, I felt it would be a good opportunity to have the ability to actually do something about domestic violence. I chose the words 'I can be a helping hand' because everything we do to educate people about domestic violence makes a difference."

AWBW is very grateful to the men and women at Grissom Air Reserve Base for their participation in this project, and a very special thanks goes to Amy Little whose dedication to offering creative expression as a healing tool is raising awareness and educating people about this very important topic.

Read the full article here.


I CAN WE CAN Creations

City of Los Angeles Domestic Violence Task Force

Los Angeles County Asian Pacific Islander Domestic Violence Task Force

WINGS Program, Inc. Staff

Rainbow Services

Sigma Alpha Zeda @ CSUN

WomenShelter of Long Beach

Sigma Phi Omega @ USC

Helping Hands Against Domestic Violence

Little Tokyo Service Center

Los Angeles Unified School District Social Justice Academy

House of Ruth: Counseling



Join us to help end domestic and sexual violence. Together WE CAN!

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Thank you for joining I CAN WE CAN.

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