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Elected L.A. Officials Join the Cause

Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2015
City of Los Angeles elected officials joined A Window Between Worlds, the Los Angeles Domestic Violence Task Force and survivors of domestic violence by participating in an art workshop to raise awareness of the complex issue of domestic violence later in life.
Councilmember Buscaino
Joe Buscaino
City Councilmember
"Speak Up!"

Mayor Garcetti
Rushmore Cervantes
Housing & Community Investment Department General Manager

placeholder image
Mike Bonin
City Councilmember
"Super Hero"

Charlie Beck
Chief of LAPD
"Together We Can End Domestic Violence"

Los Angeles elected officials created a "Pearl of Wisdom" art piece that was included in an exhibit at the East Bridge Gallery in Los Angeles City Hall to coincide with October 2015 Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Pearls of Wisdom: End the Violence is an art project organized by AWBW and based upon a collaboration with L.A. artist Kim Abeles and 800 survivors of domestic violence.

This collaborative art project was designed to help survivors recognize personal strengths, using the metaphor of "pearls" as treasures that form inside an oyster in response to an irritant. Survivors of domestic violence gain strength as they create healthy, violence-free lives that, in turn, offer stories that inspire and nurture others to mobilize the community to end domestic violence.

A press conference was held on October 13, 2015 as a Day of Action event featuring comments by Mayor Garcetti and several city officials bringing attention to the often overlooked issue of domestic violence later in life. A highlight of the press conference was the Dr. Marjorie Braude Award presentation to a special honoree for innovative collaboration in serving victims of domestic violence. AWBW was on hand throughout the day to guide a hands-on workshop for guests to create their own "Pearl of Wisdom."

Following the press conference guests gathered in City Council Chambers where members of the Task Force amplified survivor voices to raise awareness about domestic violence later in life. The event concluded with a presentation of certificates of appreciation to members of the Los Angeles Police Department who have gone above and beyond in their response to domestic violence. 

Mayor Garcetti
Mayor Garcetti
Los Angeles Mayor
"Hope in Los Angeles"
District Attorney Feuer
Mike Feuer
LA City Attorney
"We Will Stand with You"


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