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I CAN Self-Led Workshop



This project is about noticing what YOU can do to end interpersonal violence in all its forms (physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual). Your I CAN expression is a personal commitment, or pledge to yourself, of taking a step in creating your vision of what WE can accomplish if we all say "I CAN end violence."
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I CAN Hand Pledge
This project and this website is dedicated to you. Your process is yours, and how you connect with yourself and boldly explore your I CAN vision is up to you. Use this as "a window of time" to practice respecting your thoughts, feelings, needs and vision. The creation process offered here is not meant as a strict guideline, but as one possibility for finding your voice, embracing your I CAN and sharing it.


Whether the I CAN that comes to you seems "too small" to be important or seems "too big" to be possible, please try to trust that your ideas are just right. When you truly honor your heart, you can create a change that ripples out from you to those around you and to the community at large as part of a global change. Your I CAN, no matter how small or how big, is part of changing the world. Thank you for joining us in saying I CAN WE CAN end violence.





I CAN Bring Light

Materials: Gather whatever materials you might like to use to create. Face paint, makeup and washable markers can work well directly on your hand. Some people have also traced their hands on paper and written in the outline. Your choice of materials can be as creative as you like. We suggest meditative music (feel free to "play" the I CAN Meditation Room for accompanying music). Please have a camera, smart phone or other device easily accessible to take a picture so your I CAN can be visible and be counted. 



Time: We suggest setting aside a half-hour to a full hour, if possible, of uninterrupted time.


Support: Experiencing this with a friend can be quite powerful. We welcome you to reach out and find an I CAN buddy with whom to do the project. Sharing each step of the process provides a sounding board of support. 



Creation Steps:

Let's begin! Here are the steps:

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1.  Listening for I CAN
Would you like to be part of creating a world free of domestic violence and sexual assault? Listen for any I CANs that come to mind. You might notice them in your mind's eye. You might notice them writing on paper, free flowing, trusting whatever comes out. All thoughts are welcome, even if they seem too small to matter or too big to be possible.



2.  Creating I CAN

Now create your I CAN. Your hand is your canvas. Write on it with markers, lipstick, face paint or anything else you choose. Your I CAN could be glued on, placed on paper or held in the palm of your hand.


3.  Documenting I CAN

Take a photo of your I CAN hand as your pledge to be part of ending abuse. Your I CAN hand could be against any background that you choose: colored paper, your face, blades of grass or whatever most powerfully expresses your commitment.


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4.  Joining WE CAN
We hope you will add your I CAN hand to the online gallery where it will join the ripple of hands across the country that are rising up. Please share it via social media to welcome an ever-widening circle saying I CAN WE CAN end the violence.


Thank you for joining this movement of people coming together to collectively embrace I CAN!




Creation Suggestions:


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Prepare all materials before you start working on your hand as it will be more difficult to work using only the other hand. Some types of face paint may be difficult to get off (especially red). Sharpies and other permanent markers may stain your hand for several days unless you use alcohol to remove them. Be mindful of the background you will use when photographing your hand while you’re creating.

Join us to help end domestic and sexual violence. Together WE CAN!

Your information will only be used by A Window Between Worlds and will not be shared.

Thank you for joining I CAN WE CAN.

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