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Hope, Love and Grace by Karen G

As a survivor, AWBW has helped me heal. As a provider, I am now able to bring the same healing I received to others. Art truly helped save my life and open the doors to new possibilities. view →


Create. It is the only thing louder than destruction. -Andrea Gibson view →

Believe, and So It Is by Trini N.

Believe and not question my knowledge and my resourcefulness. I am capable. I believe and so it is! view →

Choose to Love by Talah Foroutan

Even when frustration sets in, choose to love, always. Without love, we often live unhappy lives. Make the choice to love, make the choice to happy. view →

Family Is My Center by Turtlepower

At the center of who I am is my family. My past, present and future lies with my family. They challenge me but also give me courage, faith and unconditional love. We are one but also one of many. The lesson we learn through experience can hurt but we can also transform these memories to help... view →

Touchstones by Stephanie Wejbe

My touchstones are a reflection of reminders that I need to stay connected and keep thriving each day: "shine," "family," "let go," "laugh," "goals," "dream," "forgive," and "hope." Touchstones helped to gently remind me of my needs, wants, and dreams. Often, I forget these important things ... view →

Shirley Wilson by Touchstones

I have always struggled to believe in myself. Although it was difficult to heal, I found tools that helped me heal. These stones remind me that I am more than enough! view →

Love by Rosaleona

When a woman realizes her self-worth, self-love, she not only transforms her pain to healing. She transforms a whole community & 7 generations to come. It's healing, transformative, empowering, liberating. view →

Touchstones by Neysa Ortiz

These Touchstones are a reminder of all the things that keep me grounded. My goal is to always hold these close for the difficult moments when it can be easy to lose sight of what's important. Life is a journey. We learn, we grow, but the most important thing is to live. Through the hurt, th... view →

Touchstones by Michelle

I have found places of peace around me. I just need to be still and reminded of them. These are great reminders I can pull out to see. view →

Nature by Michelle

Nature grounds me. I love to go for walks, garden, put my feet in the sand at the beach, jump in a wave. It gives me a sense of peace that Abba who created this knows all my needs. He is strong and creative and protective. view →

Sparkle by Michele Foster

I am a survivor of domestic violence. My best friend once told me you sparkle when you do your art. I will use this stone as a reminder: sparkle & shine. view →

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